The consortium is a partnership between six research institutions, hosted by the ETH Zurich as leading house. 

Prof. Reto Knutti
Center for Climate Systems Modeling
Department of Environmental Systems Science


Prof. Sonia Seneviratne
Institute for Atmosphere and Climate
Department of Environmental Systems Science


Prof. Gabriela Hug
Power Systems Laboratory
Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Prof. Florian Altermatt
Department of Aquatic Ecology

Prof. Philippe Thalmann
Laboratory of Urban and Environmental Economics
Faculty of Natural, Architectural and Built Environment 

Jannis Wernery
Laboratory for Building Energy Materials and Components

Christian Bauer
Laboratory for Energy Systems Analysis 

Gian-Kasper Plattner
Office of Director 


Prof. Niklaus Zimmermann
Dynamic Macroecology Group

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